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Thursday, January 20, 2022

5 SEO Tips to follow in 2022

You would have already knew these SEO tips but you would have ignored or missed out. If you know or not, do consider following and look very close to these,

#1 Disavow file

Check your site backlinks using your fav SEO tool and find out backlinks which you think is bad and add to the disavow file


Reference https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links-main

#2 Page Speed

Improve your page speed for better user experience. This is one of the important ranking signal. Do an analysis & optimize your website with Page speed tool.  


Reference https://pagespeed.web.dev/

#3 User Interaction

Make sure you provide a good user experience by not completing your web page design. Make it simple and drive the user through an interaction in the form of simple CTA button to get the data.

#4 Page layout Shift

Every web page should have visual stability. Image or video with unknown dimensions or fonts that loads large then falls back to small or any wired widget or an ad so on leads to an unbalanced visual for users. It reflects to bad user experience.

Learn more on CWV report https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/9205520?hl=en

#5 Your USP & keywords on Title, Meta & Content

Always look into GSC for the individual page CTR and work on the title, Meta snippet & page content. One of the top most signal combined with users interaction & user page navigation to determine how valuable your page is for user and based on the same the page is ranked for relevant keywords.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post. Feel free to connect to know more & stay tuned for upcoming posts!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Disavow.txt Smart Code Report to Disavow Spammy Or Low-Quality Links

You need to make sure about the links to be disavowed. The main factor is about low-quality & spammy links those points to the site. The process need to be carried out only if you think the links that are to be mentioned are causing issues to your site's online presence.

# This Disavow Report was created on Date, year (Today) for domain.com
# This report includes links of 2 prior reports submitted on Month Date, Month Date
# This report also contains new data added today, Month Date

# We have request webmaster to remove our links from their domain. The links from the following domain were cleaned up


# The webmaster did not respond. The links from the following domain were not cleaned up


# The below blogspot has differnt ccTLDs. We assume Google will apply disavow to all ccTLDs.


Customize the disavow text with links as per your requirements. The above format will help Google guys to understand easily. Here Domain: refers to the entire set of links in the domain and the specific link refers itself.

Go to disavow tool by logging using Google webmaster owner account and upload disavow.txt file. You're done. Wait for the changes to happen!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top SEO strategies & tips for Facebook Page Owners

Facebook Page is a key for your business promotion and for many after their business website; they invest much time, effort and money to their business or personal Facebook page. Facebook by its social space popularity pulls more traffic to their site, so make use of it to bring traffic to your Facebook business page. Here are the top SEO strategies & tips for Facebook page owners.

1. Have the most suitable name for your Facebook page and do not change it.

2. Choose the best URL for your Facebook Page and to rename to custom URL, you need to have 25 fans to your Facebook page.

3."Why is this page" about text box on right side should have the message for the visitors and have the most effective words to it for greater indexing.

4. Make use of the “Info” tab to include important links and texts with keywords on your page.

5. Make use of the option "Suggest your friends".

6. Make use of “Static FBML” boxes and tabs to have banners, content and links. Here is a link to “Static FBML”.

7. Post your website links and useful links that relates to your theme in your page’s stream.

8. Add photos, videos and discussion forum.

9. Add your Facebook Page links to your websites and social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and so.

10. Engage your fans and make them to comment and like your content in page stream.

Hope you have got an idea on Facebook Page SEO strategies. Feel free to post if you have any SEO tips for Facebook Page organic promotion.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Top 1 of the Bottomless SEO Tips

Study your competitor first and then proceed to on-pages and off page optimization. A business owner can come forward to study his online competitors for his services or products. At the end of the day he is the seller earner or looser.

If you do SEO yourself or contact a SEO professional, first thing you need is to know through what search keywords your product or services can be sold through Search Engines. If you hire a person, then work closely with the person to give an idea on what all service you offer and how much you can offer.

As a business owner you are the person who knows everything that can be offered and you will be knowing limitation if any. Suppose if you can only sell your service to limited customers or can sell only minimum number of products a day then you can go for weak search keywords were you have a user hit between hundreds. Weak keywords with right optimization can brig results easily.

Before starting SEO, think about you or your business strength and start your campaign. If you can offer service or products larger in size then it is well and good to start with a combination of weak and strong keywords that has few hundred and thousand users hits.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Learn and Share about SEM in Search Engine Watch Forums

Hello world, a short information about search engine watch forums and my part.
I would like to share the information that SEW forums is one of the place where I had spent time to learn more and in-depth about SEM industry years ago. There were several topics, which has been posted in search engine watch forums that was helpful and even now it goes on and on. Latter I had chance to reply threads by sharing my knowledge and it was a great pleasure to know that those thread replies were helpful for most of the members.

There are many Moderators and members who actively participate the forum thread posts and comes up with great advice, tips and techniques which tends to bring out their expertise knowledge in specific filed and also in general. I am very much happy to add value for SEW forums and I am glad to say that I am one of the Moderators

If you are a site owner, webmaster, designer, developer or a SEO person trying to improve your ability in search engine marketing, then the right place is Search engine watch forums. I welcome you to Register and get in touch with SEM queries!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Everything about Meta Robots and robots.txt

Robots plays important role in the field of SEO. We have two ways to control pages and folders one is using Robots META tag and other is through robots.txt

A web page creator can specify which page should be indexed and which page should not be indexed by search engines by placing Robots META tag in the HTML section

Here are some Robots tags that are common

< content="NOINDEX" name="ROBOTS">- Ignore content and follow links
< content="NOFOLLOW, INDEX " name="ROBOTS">- Include content and do not follow links
< content="NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW" name="ROBOTS">- Ignore content and do not follow links
< content="INDEX,FOLLOW" name="ROBOTS">- Include content and follow links
< content="NOARCHIVE" name="ROBOTS">- Cache link should not show Search results pages
< content="NOODP" name="ROBOTS">- The Open Directory Project (ODP) title and description for the page should not be displayed in Search results
< content="NOYDIR" name="ROBOTS">- The Yahoo Directory title and description for the page should not be displayed in Search results
< content="NOSNIPPET" name="ROBOTS">- Titles are only displayed in Search results page and not description or text context for this page

In addition to manage folder level user agent control robots.txt file can be used. This file can be placed in root of each server and the format is plain text not HTML

Through this file website owner or webmaster can allow access to web page content and disallow access to admin, cgi and any secured files that you don’t want search engines to index

A typical robots.txt file will look like

User-agent: *
Allow: /
Disallow: /admin*
Allow: *content*
Disallow: /test/
Disallow: /paypal/
Disallow: /credit/
Disallow: /cgi/

Explains, all robots can crawl except the admin files, and crawl files named content folder, and should not crawl test, paypal, credit and cgi folder.

Hope this post helps to know more about robots and its act in SEO. You can analyze further on checking Google's robots.txt file http://www.google.com/robots.txt and post comment or tweet @jagadeeshmp if you need better understanding :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

30 SEO Tips in 30 Days to turn your website SEO ready

Revised 30 SEO Tips in 30 Days - Explained in Google Knol (Won best knol of the Month March 2009 & Top Pick Knol Award)

Having less time to do SEO by your own :) do not worry, now you have a chance to turn your website SEO ready in just 30 days by applying one SEO tip a day? Here are those 30 SEO tips

Tip [1] Add Titles related to targeted keywords, place only important keywords, do not exceed more than 25 characters
Tip [2] Meta description should be unique for each pages with targeted keywords. Do not stuff keywords into Meta description.
Tip [3] Layout pages with CSS, avoid tables
Tip [4] Add Keywords towards H1 tag as page headlines.
Tip [5] Implement Bread crumbs for increasing web site navigation structure example Home >> Service >> SEO
Tip [6] Create Static Header and footer navigation links, Links should be text not as images
Tip [7] Analyze your targeted keywords using Google suggest
Tip [8] Keywords in navigational links play a vital role and have its own importance to search engine eyes
Tip [9] Use most important keyword in file name or URL
Tip [10] Minimize table especially nested tables
Tip [11] Say yes to Quality links and No to Quantity links
Tip [12] Never try to place hundreds of link for a new site on the very first day
Tip [13] Your targeted keywords need to vary a lot in anchors
Tip [14] Always have a good combination of links from new and old sites
Tip [15] Try writing articles having links and have them in the resource page of your site
Tip [16] Images are important, make sure your site logo contains your keyword
Tip [17] Put CSS and JavaScript into external file / folder
Tip [18] Pay special attention to your content
Tip [19] Make sure to have sitemap as text links
Tip [20] Place robots.txt in root on your server
Tip [21] Create Google site map to your web site
Tip [23] Start a blog and participate with other related blogs
Tip [22] Submit site to open directories
Tip [24] Create feed xml and ror xml for xml search engines and directories
Tip [25] Try to avoid automatic directory submission and build manual links
Tip [26] Monitor your hits and traffic by using free Google analytics
Tip [27] Know how to analyze the reports and to optimize the results
Tip [28] Know about redirection methods and theory - 301, 302, and 200 response codes
Tip [29] Implement, understand and react to website analytics reports
Tip [30] Make your body copy sufficiently long and keyword rich

Quick Guide

If you want these SEO tips in your site or blog as Gadget, feel free to use my SEO Tips of the Day Google Gadget that displays one SEO tip a day in your web page which can even help your site visitors to learn SEO tips and to get SEO and other Internet marketing Tweets follow me @jagadeeshmp , thanks for your time!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

12 Useful Online Marketing Resources for Small Business Owners - A self check

In this post small business owners can find list of Webmaster resources and tools that can help to track and improve existing SEO work performed in Business website or Blog

But don’t forget to leave SEO work to experts :) and suggest your thoughts on your type of business and customers using below Webmaster resources and tools

(1) Google Webmaster Tools to improve traffic
(2) Analyze your visitors, search engine visibility and keyword search through Google Analytics
(3) Find pages that link to your site and competitor site using Site Explorer
(4) Track search engine result placement for your keyword and URL
(5) Check your web page in different screen resolutions
(6) Type out your domain or keywords in search box to find relationship between linking sites and topics, a Visual Meta search engine
7) Check you site load time and fix if it is too slow. This will help search engine spiders to crawl easily
(8) Find out how search engine spiders look at your site
(9) Find how your website is targeted in local search engines
(10) Find insight of your website keyword search terms and location; target your business accordingly
(11) Get quick traffic and cost estimates on your keywords for sponsored listings
(12) Measure your ROI from SEO, PPC and conversion rate optimization

The above Online marketing resources and tools are easy to use by Small Business Owners and using this you can support web site promotion work performed by an individual or SEO company.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Get FREE SEO Tip of the day Google gadget here

We are happy when we learn new SEO tip a day. It may be a designer, developer, webmaster, SEO guy or a entrepreneur. Yes, here you can find a FREE SEO Tip of the day Google gadget, bug free one which will display a SEO tip per day. It’s just simple to add either to the web page or to the iGoogle, don't miss the SEO Tips.

Copy and paste the HTML below to include this SEO gadget on your webpage / blog

Screen shot below shows how the Google gadget looks

SEO tip a day
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tips on SEO for Programmers

SEO is very much important for Programmers working in Web Development and Promotion Company.

This article will teach some technique and tactics for programmers.

Make Search Engine Friendly URLs by using Mod_write in php, this will look like a static page giving keywords as page names and SEO Shopping Carts should be made for eCommerce website.

Meta tag Optimization is important for SEO and it is good for programmers to know about it. This comes with some important Meta description, Keywords, robots and re-visit and a good Title.(Detail Meta tag part can be found from the below articles)

HTML Includes can be introduced for replacing JS file in asp pages for making navigation links search engine friendly. CSS Programming for drop downs list should be done to avoid java script.

Thanks for your time and support, leave a reply!

Friday, August 11, 2006

20 Top Tips For Great SEO Expert

Tips revised for SEO 2012 & Social Media 2012

(1) Add Title related to targeted keywords, place only important keywords, do not exceed more than 25 characters.

(2) Add Meta description related to Title tag. Repeat keywords used in title two times in meta description.Meta description should be unique for each pages with targeted keywords. Do not stuff keywords into meta description. Do note exceed 255 characters.

Note: Meta description and web page content should be a good one, if not it be placed in supplement results in "Google"

(3) Add meta keywords related to targeted keywords,now only meta search engine focus in this meta keywords.

(4) Add robots tag to tell search engine spider like Googlebot and MSNbot to index page and follow.

(5) Add re-visit tag to tell search engine to visit our site in number of days like "7 days" etc.

(6) Add Keywords towards H1 tag.

(7) Add Bread crumbs to increase web site navigation structure.

(8) Add static Header and footer navigation links, Links should be text not as images.

(9) Config 404 for broken links in-order to avoid customers and clients moving away from our site.It can be done using IIS for asp server or .htaccess for PHP server.

(10) Analyze your targeted keywords using overture keyword selector tool or google suggest.

(11) Compare between two selected keywords using google fight tool.

(12) Focus strong keywords and weak keywords for the website, weak keywords will be supportive for strong keywords and for clients initial business.

(13) Add optimized content towards home page and inner page, give more importance to home or index page to make search engine index fast and efficient.

(14) Do one way and two way link exchange with worthy and quality sites to make your website more popular, its like tuning the site for web site popularity.

(15) Add links to directories more relevant to your web site, it will bring business through referrals and popularity.

(16) Add sitemap to web site.

(17) Create google site map to your web site and upload to your server and submit to google web master to tell search engine about the web pages in your site. This can be mostly useful for shopping or online product sale site.

(18) Add your web site to Dmoz and yahoo Dir, this will bring more hits to your web site. dmoz database shared by many search engines and directories including Great Google.

(19) Create feed xml, html xml and ror xml for xml search engines and directories.

(20) Monitor your hits and traffic by using free google analytics.

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  • 15 Best Seo Tips For Web Designers

    These handfull SEO tips will help a web designer to build a web site search engine friendly, rest of the web promotion part will be taken cared by an SEO experts

    (1) Optimize images to increase loading speed.

    (2) Design a content based layout.

    (3) Create static navigation links both header and footer.

    (4) Add content to web pages inside p tag avoid br tag.

    (5) Minimize table especially nested tables.

    (6) Replace div for tables.

    (7) Avoid Java script.

    (8) Use H Tags like h1...h6 for placing Keywords example like service name and products.

    (9) Create file name related to web page example web-design-uk.html and avoid keeping page name as web1.html, web2.html etc.

    (10) Implement Bread crumbs for increasing web site navigation structure example Home >> Service >> Web design.

    (11) Add alt tags related to images.

    (12) Avoid creating under construction or coming soon page.

    (13) Avoid using frames.

    (14) Validate web page for W3c to avoid html code error.

    (15) Add sitemap for website.

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  • Thanks for your time and support, Leave a reply