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Thursday, April 22, 2010

SEO Lies and SEO Truths

SEO deals with research and analysis and one can call him as a SEO specialist only through good long-term experience in various theme based industries and business sites.

I read many lies around the web and I would like to share my point of view here to my blog readers

Lie one - Come to us with $ we will get you #1 position for your keyword by a day, a week or a month. And some proudly say that if an SEO company doesn't guarantee then they don’t know SEO. So funny, may be they have the access to the Google organic listing Database or they might be talking about Google Adwords (PPC)

As a SEO client you can challenge those companies whom guarantees. Find and provide them a high or medium competitive keyword or keywords. Find those related theme based keywords using free Google keyword tool. You can see the fact on such.

I don't say #1 is not possible at all; it has to come though long time period based on so many acts and figures and not by a day, a week or a month. Use your commonsense, Google search your top keyword and find how your competitor ranks and in total how many competitors and in how many years of efforts. These types of basic analyses will educate you to find what is possible within a timeframe.

As well check that the company does "While hat SEO" and they are not into keyword stuffing and to all bad practice that are against Google guidelines, known as black hat SEO.

Note: May be, weak keywords with no search count or a very low search count keywords can be achieved in a short time, see that it reflects your ROI or it is a waste of time and money.

Lie Two - SEO is all about number of links. We build 10,000 links over night. Pay us $ for the links and get referral traffic and organic listing.

There are companies who build links with software’s or host directories in their servers for link backs. Do ask them for quality links rather than quantity links. Ranging from a small site to big site, quality links on an average 20 to 50 a month will do with traffic and results you look for.

Lie Three - Pay us $, we rephrase your competitor content based on your top keywords and list top above your competitor listing.

It is not the fact, now Google and other search engines are so smart to find those and push the results back. May be for few days the content lists in top but no use looking at long term.

Write content on what you offer in your own style and write content on what you know about the business practice and resources. Do not duplicate the same resources in different forms. Write better information than your competitor. Make readers happy, and then obviously search engines will make you happy.

Lie Four - Some web design or development companies says we do not build links every month so like other SEO companies we do not charge for SEO maintenance. Links are not that important now. Only keywords are important and we do add keywords to your site and it is only one time SEO setup and one time charge.

Off-page optimization (Link building) is as important as on-page optimizations (Site and keywords optimization). Quality links with site keywords as anchor text is one of the major factor in SEO and non-SEO companies lack knowledge on these areas like site submission to right directories and sites.

Lie Five - Money back offer is a catching word that attracts so many SEO clients. They present in such a way that they return the money if they do not obtain the results. They mix the strong keywords, weak keywords and keywords that do not have user search count. In few months when SEO client don't get business through SEO they asks for results and they are shown with keywords that has no search count or weak keywords position that do not produce quality traffic.

SEO client, when you see Money back offer in SEO sites or emails, then provide them the keywords you like your site to get listed. See that the user count for those keywords are high and medium, then your $ will be valued.

Note: The blog post refers to some SEO companies and not all

Any other SEO lies you heard?

State those in below comment section.