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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Learn and Share about SEM in Search Engine Watch Forums

Hello world, a short information about search engine watch forums and my part.
I would like to share the information that SEW forums is one of the place where I had spent time to learn more and in-depth about SEM industry years ago. There were several topics, which has been posted in search engine watch forums that was helpful and even now it goes on and on. Latter I had chance to reply threads by sharing my knowledge and it was a great pleasure to know that those thread replies were helpful for most of the members.

There are many Moderators and members who actively participate the forum thread posts and comes up with great advice, tips and techniques which tends to bring out their expertise knowledge in specific filed and also in general. I am very much happy to add value for SEW forums and I am glad to say that I am one of the Moderators

If you are a site owner, webmaster, designer, developer or a SEO person trying to improve your ability in search engine marketing, then the right place is Search engine watch forums. I welcome you to Register and get in touch with SEM queries!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Best 12 Wordpress SEO Tips and Advice

One of the best opensource I like is Wordpress and it can be used both as Blog and as well for CMS

Wordpress by default has some search engine friendly setup but we need to edit some part of the code and add plugins to make it more search engine friendly and the plugins will help us to do the work easier and better. Below are the tips to create search engine friendly Wordpress blog

(1) Initially you can add search engine friendly theme with less image and your choice of image can go for logo, banner and bullets. Try to reduce code size and bytes.
(2) Install "All in SEO" Plugin". Activate and edit in options according to your visitors focus
(3) Most importantly do add alt attribute for logos and banner, i see most of the blogs miss to implement this technique or alt attribute are not unique. To solve this you can try "Custom Header" plugin and enter HTML codes for each posts and pages
(4) Permalink a very important part that helps to create search engine friendly URLS. In wordpress admin you can find "Permalinks" under option. In this you can notice "Custom structure", you may try adding this tag /%postname%/
(5) Create and configure .htaccess file and place the below code

RewriteEngine OnRewriteBase /RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-fRewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-dRewriteRule . /index.php [L]

Save and upload in root and confirm that .htaccess file is been enabled in your server and your done
(6) If your theme doesn't have archive section, don't miss to add because new visitors to you blog may also like to read your old posts, so try adding the code to your theme
(7) Again "Popular tags" one of the very important part for blog and seo which helps to show visitors and search engine to the importance of blog posts and subjects. The follwoing code will show tags popularity by size
(8) Install "Recent post" plugin and activate. This plugin helps to retrieve list of the most recent posts for your visitors
(9) Add "Google Sitemaps" to the plugin folder and activate . Set write access to the root server and then go to options >> Google sitemap and then click "Build sitemap manually" link and this creates site map and as you add new post xml file gets updated automatically with new posts URL.
(10) Add this sitemap.xml file to Google and Yahoo Webmaster tool so that spider will crawl the URL on regular basis
(11) Configure and add Google Custom Search and Google Analytics
(12) Register to Feedburner and add your post RSS feed to Feedburner and create an option in the blog for your readers to subscribe your posts, by this as and when you post, your reader will be sent mail or noticed through browser about your new posts

Hope above Wordpress SEO Tips and Advice will help you to create search engine friendly Wordpress blog