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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Do you or your website promotional company follow this SEO process?

Steps to be followed while optimizing a website for global reach and to increase targeted traffic, staying ahead of competitor and to increase your sales conversion.

1. Existing website structure analysis
2. Competitor analysis
3. Keyword analysis and research
4. Prepare Search engine marketing report / Bench mark report
5. Right Keywords identification according to targeted audience related to website local or global
6. More direct and keyword rich folder and file naming approach
7. Adding optimized keywords to Meta tags
8. Measuring keyword density on each page
9. Adding breadcrumb trails to each page for internal links
10. Adding robots to website, tell the search engines to index your site and which pages they should index
11. Validating HTML http://validator.w3.org
12. Improving Web page presentation, using External CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript ( Note: Dont use Java Script for displaying Content and Navigation Links)
13. Reducing Table structure
14. Improving the HTML structure of pages by using heading tags, alt tags, div tags, etc.,
15. Improving home page
16. Improving content of existing web pages by adding optimized keywords
17. Adding appropriate links to the existing and new pages
18. Improving existing link titles
19. Adding links to the identified Search engines, Business directories and websites
20. Continuous link building to achieve page rank
21 Configuring website to Google webmaster and yahoo site explorer
22. Configuring log and stat to website
23. Monitoring inbound links
24. Monitoring referrals by search engines
25. Monitoring search results for optimized pages.
26. Ongoing SEO Campaign report on Website progress

Hope the process flow is clear and it gives you better idea on search engine optimization that will be carried out only by real SEO Experts and Search Engine Analysts

Apart from the above point we have server side search engine optimization a vast area and very important techniques, which will be mentioned in future posts, please note to understand that you should have some programming knowledge or a coder help, Visit again, All the best!!

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