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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Learn and Share about SEM in Search Engine Watch Forums

Hello world, a short information about search engine watch forums and my part.
I would like to share the information that SEW forums is one of the place where I had spent time to learn more and in-depth about SEM industry years ago. There were several topics, which has been posted in search engine watch forums that was helpful and even now it goes on and on. Latter I had chance to reply threads by sharing my knowledge and it was a great pleasure to know that those thread replies were helpful for most of the members.

There are many Moderators and members who actively participate the forum thread posts and comes up with great advice, tips and techniques which tends to bring out their expertise knowledge in specific filed and also in general. I am very much happy to add value for SEW forums and I am glad to say that I am one of the Moderators

If you are a site owner, webmaster, designer, developer or a SEO person trying to improve your ability in search engine marketing, then the right place is Search engine watch forums. I welcome you to Register and get in touch with SEM queries!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Domain Parking Practices In and Out

There are many ways by which you can make money on the internet and domain parking is one of the simple ways. You can park your domain while you are building your site. This is an efficient way to set your site while it is being built and also avoid disappointing your visitors while site is being built. There are some domain owners who just park their domain and do not develop their site, with money being their main motive. Companies can also make use of domain parking as one of the options to divert its website traffic to another website if its own.

You need to have the knowledge on what type of domain you could park. Creative and effective thinking and planning can help you to buy domain names with this idea and capitalize on them. If you come up with a new idea and you realize that there is no domain name ( i.e. with .com) for it, then you can immediately park the domain name and earn from it. On doing so, the probability of that you being approached by someone who very badly needs that name is high, and they can even pay you a very huge amount for it. Try filling the landing page with suitable ads or affiliate marketing ads or banners, and it can give you regular income (monetized domain parking). You can also have your internet presence by just having a page with "under construction" or "coming soon" words on the page. This can help you to park the web page before it is ready to launch (demonetized domain parking). Never delay too much in buying a domain name, because by the time you decide on buying one, someone else could possibly have owned that domain name and capitalizing on it already.

Incase you are not looking out to make money, just sign up for some affiliate programs, build up a webpage and maintain the page and fill it with advertisements. You can also opt to share the profits when you work with some company who can manage it for you.

The domain owner is generally paid depending on the number of links that have been visited (like pay per click), and also how these clicks have been beneficial. The intent of the visitor can be found out based on the keywords the visitor uses for the domain name.

There are many companies who do domain parking and related management activities for you. They pay you some percentage of the fees. Some give you a very cheap domain registrations and also with some incentives to gear you up to join.

There are numerous domain parking options available for you. Incase you are not able to come up with any catchy phrase, just choose some name that is similar to some other company or competitor, which can give you high chances of hits.

You can also choose to opt for expired domain, if you wish to. As these domains used as websites earlier and expired, still hold on to some inbound links. Such domains on reusing can start with more visitors initially. When the site operators and the search engines remove the earlier available inbound links of the site, the number of visitors can go down gradually.

In the midst of making money, you always need to be quite careful, with some people in the market who do unethical business practices. They can go to the extent of redirecting the homepages to the domain that is parked so that people tend to click that domain that is parked. Always be alert with the black hat practices that some people follow to get on the top or make money is a shorter period. Do focus in reading the fine prints since some scams out there can benefit these domain parking company rather more than what they benefit the individuals.

Please Note: Domain parking practices is other wise known as domain squatting or cyber squatting to some people and there are companies who charge against people who domain park against their brands or brand names which they consider as their sole intellectual properties. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) handles complaints regarding domain parking scams.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Setting Up Overture PPC Account

Overture pay per click advertising is one way for making search results page for a specific keyword or phrase which is used by your customers or clients to buy your products online or offline.

For top listing on major search engine including yahoo, lycos, altavita and MSN.As far as PPC is concerned you are not going to pay for placing ads, you will pay only for the clicks by your audience and there visits to your website.

You can find two different signup options

One is self serve option and other is Fast Track option.

Self serve option; in this you can do keyword research. Keyword research can also be done through http://inventory.overture.com, then setting up your bids for the specific ads related to keywords researched by using the tool. Keyword titles should be related to your business and should be targeted towards the audience

Fast Track option, in this to have help in setting up your account you will get a support by call and assistance like keyword selection, Writing good titles and descriptions, Budget management, Account optimization and Setting up tracking URLs.

You have to fix the bid to at least $25 per month .Over all keyword prices are $0.10 per click depends on which keyword you choose.

My suggestion is to pick a low cost bid with high rankings popular keywords, you can make this by using keyword phrases.Do not buy a high bid keyword and no need to keep your keyword title in top, it can also be on something like in second till fifth place. If your title and description is good, your audience will automatically click your add and come for business. Like wise you can minimize the budget for your bid and invest on more keywords.

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