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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Social Search Engine Optimization (SSEO)

Jag defines a term “Social Search Engine Optimization (SSEO)” and have been posting on his Facebook page for a while.

Last 2 years Social Media has been highly influencing internet information in a wide range and now we can see official announcement by Google & major search engines on search results influence by social shares, tweets, reviews & comments.

SEO game over, SSEO game started???

Previously along with a well structured Search Engine friendly site & good content, quality directories inlinks was one of the major factors to rank high and now content link social shares from theme related profiles (reputed) is another factor to rank high.

Hope many would have thought about the term “Social Search Engine Optimization (SSEO)” and talking about it. Let's see how the Search & Social industry takes up :)

Feel free to share your views too!