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Sunday, February 15, 2009

10 Extraordinary Ideas to Increase your Twitter Followers

As we see many of our friends have written what twitter is all about free social messaging service for staying connected with friends and followers etc etc, so I don't want to add that content to my post :) in fact for a change we will start with an introduction on how the name came up and what’s the meaning of twitter. Here the meaning "Make high-pitched sounds, as of birds" so we can add some hi pitch text and fun along with the discussions in twitter "What you doing" update section like as I do some mischief with my SEO updates and my personal stuffs. By this followers would be interested in your update and they like to read and share your stuffs and not get bored

Here are the ideas how you can make your twitter profile, web page, blog visitor a follower

(1) Read blog post and comment your valid suggestions with your twitter profile in URL field and don't mind about no follow attribute. If your comment is a valid one, user will check your profile to gain your knowledge and share, by this they may follow and their friends may follow

(2) Retweet valuable tweets, suggestions and discussions and you may follow @retweet so that you can monitor which messages are getting retweeted. This way, you can find your own upon the continuous practice. By this your twitter profile might be followed by interesting people

E.g.: RT @jagadeeshmp Great SEO help resource Blog http://tinyurl.com/btqjz5

(3) Follow people back if they are interesting and update often

(4) Join twittgroups.com and tweetchat.com and add (#) hash tag to your update so that your message will be seen to the people in those groups and if your resource or updates are useful there is a possibility that they would follow you

E.g.: Great #SEO help resource Blog http://tinyurl.com/btqjz5 and check out in


(5) Increase your updates count :), it should have a mix of discussions, questions, feedback and retweet both techy and non-techy. So users may think following you may be useful lolls. Just keep in mind it should be useful and users should like you and your updates :)

(6) Add your twitter profile in all top social networking sites like linkedin, friendfeed, facebook, mybloglog, digg and the likes.

(7) Add your twitter profile in your email signature as well as in your blog or website

(8) Use TwitterFeed to automate your tweets that turns all of your blog posts into tweets

(9) In addition, try to enable you twitter account with twitterholic.com, twittercounter.com and twittervision.com

(10) Agree to the fact that this involves a lot of time and it would happen overnight. Guess this is the most important thing out of all nine :) Put you effort over the above 9 ideas and attract more followers and get more clients through twitter

If you find above post useful feel free to follow me and if any ideas are missed out you are welcome to add in comment section, with your twitter profile which will be an additional benefit to readers.If the idea is good, readers and I may follow you. Are you Happy! Now Howz that?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to generate enough qualified leads?

Is this a question that is snatching your sleep of you at nights? Well then I feel you definitely need to read through this blog that is going to explain exactly how to produce and accelerate quality leads to your website.

I have populated few major strategies below that can be utilized to help generate quality leads for your website.

So first of all what all are the important components of lead generation?

· Rate converted – the actual number of leads that have in reality been converted into sales
· Money – the amount of money involved in getting a new lead
· Purchase price – in the first visit of each new customer, how much are you earning, monetarily
· Sales and time average – the average of the total sales that a customer does over a lifetime with your website

Few important questions that you need to ask yourself are:

· What is my aim?
· How much sales was done in the initial arrival of the customer
· How frequently are the same customers coming into your website
· What is the profit percentage that you are achieving from your website
Out of my experience as an SEO professional, I have understood that Leads Generation is a process that helps you get more and more of leads into your website, thereby increasing the sales figures!

Few sources of lead generation include:

· SEO – This is a very useful way to make others know more about your site, making it search engine visible. Applying SEO strategies into your website would help it get into the top ranks and also helps in appearing in the top pages of search engine results. Sounds great doesn’t it? :)
· Search Engine Advertising – Google Adwords and PPC options that assist you spending only for quality clicks
· Campaign organizing – Creating specific ad groups
· Creating relevant and separate landing pages for each ad group
· Creating specific sales pages in the website will help in specific linking to these web pages, thereby increasing the chances of being noted online in search engines.
· Email marketing – explain more about your products and services, through emails, as it reaches out more widely and stays as a ready reckoner in the inboxes for clients and customers.
· Referral Marketing – Let your customers get you more sales through word of mouth, thereby making them your sales generating sources!
· Advertising through various media
· Marketing though the telephone
· Partnering with other online merchants in order to generate exciting offers, that mutually benefit you both
· Mailing your clients with your details
· Last but not the least, frequently keep checking of the sales results and keep changing the marketing strategies and campaigns if the need arises.
These are just few of the many techniques that can be adopted to help you with your website’s lead generation. And one more very important thing that I want to say again is spend more time on your website. It needs your constant work and time along with efforts in order to make it one of the best sites with some great sales figures! So go ahead, your site is waiting for that extra lead generation :)