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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Adding Your URL to Cuil Search Engine

Cuil.com is a new search engine launched on July 28, 2008, currently available in English and titles it has larger index compared to other major search engine, today ( on 30-07-2008) it has about Search 121,617,892,992 web pages

Cuil major statement is about its privacy policy, search engine confirms it does not store data of users search activity and Ip's and another fact is Cuil was developed and managed by former Google employees

You don’t find you site or blog in Cuil.com, send a mail to crawlme@cuil.com or crawler@cuil.com

Twiceler will crawl your web page, thinking what is Twiceler; it is the name for Cuil robot :)

For more information check Webmaster info

And if you want to Contact Cuil for partnership or if you’re a press or need a job or for feedback, see Cuil Contact us page

Post Updated on 08-09-2008

Now, Cuil Search engine added a new URL submit / crawl page, here you can add your email id and your URL to list in Cuil.com

Click here http://www.cuil.com/info/contact_us/feedback.php?to=crawl%20me

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  • Monday, July 28, 2008

    15 Top Tips for Video Optimization and Online Video Marketing

    This post on Video optimization tips helps you to optimize your videos that enhance the amount of traffic to your website. Currently in its infancy stage, video optimization is gaining its popularity and growing at a much faster rate. Most of the visitors prefers video and audio than texts, this can be also helpfull for podcasts which is an upcoming optimization technique extensively, which will be discussed on future posts

    15 Top Tips for Video Optimization and Online Video Marketing:

    1. Create videos that focus on your brand and reinforce on the people your brand value.
    2. The most important tip for your video optimization is a proper content. People need to love your video for your content too; else they would not go in for it.
    3. See to that your metadata has the video in it, since many users search with this keyword. On adding this word in the metadata, chances of your video coming up as the search results tends to be high. But remember not to overuse the word.
    4. Try choosing preferred formats like .mov, .avi, .wmv. This can help the users to have the videos in the formats that they want. May be you can have anyone of the formats to be available for search engines.
    5. Have your videos with 10min or less in length. If longer, it might bore your viewers. If you want to extend the time, make sure that the video shall keep them engaged firmly or add it as part 1, part 2 and so on
    6. Try to maintain a catchy title with the keyword that you would like to use for the video. It can act as a biggest convincing factor for your visitors to opt it from the search results.
    7. When you have multiple videos, try using thumbnails that will enable your viewers to view the video of their choice. This will help them to decide on which video they want to spend time on completely. Generating the thumbnails can vary in various sites.
    8. It’s seen that the search engines are interested towards the videos that are rated, so do the viewers. Hence give an option for your visitors to rate the videos. This can interest the search engines and the visitors towards your videos among the results.
    9. On using any commercial content in the video, see to that there is a watermark that indicates the origin of the content. In case your video is copied by numerous sites; it will continue carrying your brand and site details benefiting you.
    10. Keyword usage in the filename and in the URLs is very beneficial. Search engines give appreciable weight age on these videos. Try avoiding stop words in the filenames, like “the”, “and”.
    11. Appropriate usage of keywords in the link text gives your video a lot of benefit.
    12. Have your video placed in many places as you can. Good exposure to your video is very essential. This can also be done by trying to publicize your video using feeds like RSS and MRSS feeds.
    13. Try using social bookmarking sites to increase the visibility of your video. Irrespective of the promotion medium used, this option can help you a lot.
    14. Have “send to friend” option. Benefit them and also get benefitted.
    15. Try offering the option to have your video embedded in other sites too. People can help you to spread your video around as much as they can.

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    Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    Do your Blog lists in Google Blog Search?

    Now most of the surfers choose Google Blog Search http://blogsearch.google.com/ to search for blogs rather than Google.com. Is your blog listed in Google Blog Search engine? - Do not miss the opportunity. Do add your blog in http://blogsearch.google.com/ping and make your blog get noticed by your type of valuable visitors

    Google Blog Search supports pings. If you add posts and your blog supports XML, you can send a ping at Pinging Service. Get to know more about pinging service in http://www.google.com/help/blogsearch/about_pinging.html and about Pinging API at http://www.google.com/help/blogsearch/pinging_API.html

    Google Blog Search includes all blogs in their search results, The results are not just from blogger.com but also from wordpress.com and your own host blog.

    Tip: To search blogs using blogger.com, you can try using http://blogsearch.google.com/?ui=blg

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