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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Methodology FlowChart

First of all, you all will be happy to see a flowchart on SEO Methodology, Why this? - We see lots of posts online related to SEO, we tend to misunderstand most of the SEO theories written by different peoples, due to their language and presentations and so on :), so I decided to draw a flow chart based on professional SEO approach and procedures, its below

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Google's Stunning Growth From Nov 11, 1998 - Oct 12, 2007

We all know Google is one of the major search engine and a great competitor of Yahoo, MSN and so on, but do you know how they where before, here you can see how Google was before and how was their approach before, i have added some selective screen shots below, hope this creates interest in you to know more about Google growth

The screen shot below shows how Google was in 1997 - 1998, Google had special search feature like Stanford and Linux search, and even had option to” Get Google updates monthly" subscription

Egroups was used for Google Search Announcement and discussions

When i looked for the egroups site, its been re-directed to yahoo, hope yahoo acquired egroups :)

In 2000, Google had even displayed total "Search 1,326,920,000 web pages" available, but not now in 2008 :), hope you all know why

Slowly in 2003, Google started showing maturity on design presentations, from the below screen shot you can see the difference in style and Google moved the "Searching 3,307,998,701 web pages" to the copyright area

Now its 2008, Google had grown a lot and become market share leader for the search engine world

I am on dig out :) for Google old functionality, like how Google used to add sites and in what ways, hope i can come up with good interesting information that you all like, if you know more information, please dont hesitate to use comment option :)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

SEO and SMO Relationship Out Of Sight

As we all know Search engine optimization called as SEO and some knows social media optimization called as SMO right? :)

By reading this post, you will be an expert in SMO too :)

Practical Introduction to SMO:

SMO, one of my favorite is http://del.icio.us, how about you?, the site helps to share the website to your network and makes your site more visible in social media traffic circle.

You have a website and its listed for your top keywords, thinking why you should go for SMO and waste time?, its wrong then, you will be missing neighborhood and fans around you. Target audience in SMO are different from keyword search visitors, my personal experience, also not all social media sites work for your line of business sites, for example if your site has resources like health tips, web development and so on, then you can try out del.icio.us and if your site has some hardware related products or services then digg will be the best choice, like that each social media have different crowd, you need to research on it.

Find best social media sites for your company and get visited by your social media traffic circle, more about social media sites

For SEO information’s, you have lots to read in this SEO Help blog articles section with various title on SEO techniques and tricks, so we will straightway go to hidden relationship between SEO and SMO

SMO gives a push to your SEO efforts, when a visitor searches for a site in Google and lands to your site page, if he finds the content really interesting he will like to share with his network or friends or bookmark, so better try to embed social media sharing button www.addthis.com, this helps to bring more traffic and you can really see the difference in your site popularity and your keywords too :), thinking how keywords gets benefited, yes, when you use keywords as title on posts and when your visitor shares it in del.icio.us, the copy will be saved in del.icio.us with keywords as titles, when you get n number of clicks on that shared page copy, the keyword for that post gets its strength to face the competition on search engine keyword result, its same as anchor text concept but not know outside the panel :)

Try out my del.icio.us profile and check live
SEO always gets benefited from good SMO (Also other Google Fusion, My Yahoo, Blog Lines), so start today from this SEO Help Blog and all your sites, share and enjoy the power of SEO and SMO together.

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