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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Promote Your Blog Easy

Simple steps for making your blog visited by people whom you want

Most of the people asks this question "How to Promote Your Blog" in forums, community etc, its simple here, try out this and visit again with feedback

Here the start, be clear with your plan why you have a blog and how to make people interested, some questions below for a start

1. What will your visitor want to get out of your blog?

2. How often can you post a blog?

3. What will you name your blog?

4. How your blog design look like?

Then again, content is a challenger for blogs, the content which gives people what they want, wins the game, it can be on any topic and should be clear and wider, if possible with graphics, You do this, people will definitely visit you again and again for getting information’s, for this we should do some basic ground work as follows to make people to know about your blog

(1) Blog Submissions / RSS Submissions

(2) Write a press release announcing your blog to the world and post to online Resources

(3) Find groups in online and post your Announcement

(4) Post about your blog to Forums

(5) Add to Auto Detect Blog Feeds

(6) Add your blog to Social Bookmarking Sites with interesting titles and make them bookmark

Give people what they want and see the change obviously it will take time, keep watching and do post quality over quantity, then you can expect quantity over your quality posts, thanks for your valuable time for reading the post, do comment and visit again, all the best.

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