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Monday, December 03, 2007

Local Search Engine Optimization for Local Business Owners

Local business owners should know the value for local search engines Optimization, also known as regional search engines optimization

Now a days search in local works better when we compare with the global for support service provider and product retailer, but the search volume will be less with less bounce rate but more target visits which you can convert with a complete user-friendly design with valuable information for the visitor

Another benefit of Local Search Engine Optimization sites can come up in mobile search too

So factors to be considered to rank better in Local Search Engine Optimization

(1) Local full address

(2) Regional Phone number should be very clear with area code etc

(3) Mapping service to display your location, recommended Google Maps

(4) Include driving directions to your location

(5) Your site should be listed in all your regional directories & Yellow, White pages

(6) All these should be presented well with a search engine friendly web design

Hope you got basic idea how to tap local business in search engines, All the best

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