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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Importance of Top 59 Social Bookmarking Websites

If your a blogger or website owner do not miss to understand the importance of social bookmarking, its a free web promotion technique.Social bookmarking site are becoming popular and easy, it allows users to save bookmarks online and share with your
friends with respective tags and categories as keywords, instead of saving it in your browser bookmarks

Visit some of the sites provided below, create account, then bookmark interesting and useful links in the areas of your interest or expertise. By doing so you create a useful Feed and share your fav also don't forget to integrate social bookmarking websites with your blog or website as i did in my blog, it's been great success

Here is a list of Social Bookmarking websites, which will help your bog or website to be saved by your visitors

(1) Del.icio.us - Currently the most used software application.

(2) Digg - Digg is a technology news website that combines social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, and non-hierarchical editorial control.

(3) BlogMarks.net - Social Bookmarking with thumbnails. Atom enabled

(4) Blauer Bote Bookmarks - Bookmarak Manager in German and English

(5) LQ Bookmarks - Social Bookmarking, tagging and annotating all things Linux and Open Source.

(6) De.lirio.us - Social Bookmarking, Tagging, Blogging & Notes. Mmmmmm, Notes.

(7) Feedmarker - A free, Web based RSS/ATOM aggregator and bookmarks manager.

(8) Frassle - Frassle helps you read and publish weblogs, track bookmarks, and find relevant content organized your way.

(9) Linkroll - Linkroll is a free link blogging service.

(10) Loom - Collaborative bookmarking application written in PHP.

(11) MyProgs - Social bookmarking for programs you use.

(12) NEWNOOZE - Social Bookmarking on just about every subject. A Digg.com clone site. Beta Stage.

(13) openBM - It's just linking cool sites together. openBM is a little tool for everybody. openBM just keep's your bookmarks and provides them for other people on the web.

(14) Reader² - Share the list of books you read or recommend, find new books by tags/authors. Multilanguage.

(15) reddit - Social bookmarking where your votes affect your karma points.

(16) scuttle.org - Amongst others are based on the scuttle software.

(17) Scuttle - Another open source clone of del.icio.us.

(18) unalog - Open source bookmarking software written in the Python programming

(19) aworldofhelp - Users submit and rate links in numerous categories. The highest ratebeanrocket

(20) Beanrocket.com is a community and a news reader

(21) BlinkList - Social bookmarking with slick interface and new ways for organizing tags.

(22) CiteULike - Social bookmarking for academic papers.

(23) Commontimes - Provides community-based media distribution services and solutions along with BitTorrent hosting and consulting for individuals and organizations of all sizes.

(24) Connectedy - This service allows the establishment of pseudonymous online link libraries. Users may impose arbitrary

categorical hierarchies on their links and choose which categories and links to make public and which ones to keep private. The Connectedy site has par SEO properties.

(25) Connotea - Social bookmarking for scientists.

(26) dinnerbuzz - Dinnerbuzz is a social guide to restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. It's designed to make it easier for you to find a place for dinner or drinks anywhere in the world

(27) Wiklink - Tools to synchronize bookmarks with your browser

(28) FeedMeLinks - Social Bookmarking since 2002

(29) FlipSkipper - Social bookmarking manager that allows users to pull concurrent searches from Yahoo!, Google News, and del.icio.us when surfing.

(30) Furl - Similar to del.icio.us: stores copies of the pages saved, automates finding users with similar interests,

archives can be exported in MPLA or APA citation format.

(31) GiveALink - Donate your bookmarks for academic research.

(32) IndiaGram - Allows social bookmarking. Aim is to develop a community that shares information about websites on diverse topics

(33) jots - Jots is a collaborative bookmarking system that allows you to Store, Share and Discover relevant links.

(34) leze.de - German Internet Bookmarking Service

(35) LibraryThing - Deli.cio.us for books. Cataloging based on some 30+ libraries using the Z39.50 protocol.

(36) inkblog - Portuguese

(37) linkfilter - linkfilter.net is just what the name implies, a link filter. All links are posted and moderated by users.

Links can be ranked on several levels: clicks, votes, age, or a combination of all three called points.

(38) Lookmarks (beta) - Search and share your bookmarks

(39) memestreams - Don't hate the media, become the media!

(40) Netvouz - Social bookmarking using either categories or tags. Share your bookmarks online or keep them private. RSS feeds for all bookmarks.

(41) Network Menus - Social Bookmarking (or /wiki/Collaborative_Bookmarking title=Collaborative Bookmarking Collaborative Bookmarking) within a web browser toolbar

(42) O Y A X - A fast and quick social categorized bookmarking service with groups.

(43) RawSugar - Socially enhanced web search based on hierarchal tagging of bookmarks and favorites. Include s multi-word categories, echanism to define and rename categories, and hierarchy

(44) Shadows - Social bookmarking with tags, comments and ratings. Shadows' toolbar puts users one click away from a discussion forum for any page on the web.

(45) Simpy - Social bookmarking with tagging and full-text searching.

(46) sitetagger - SiteTagger.com is a bookmark/favorite organizer.

(47) Spurl - Similar to del.icio.us: stores copies of the pages saved.

(48) StumbleUpon - Bookmarking, social networking, friends-network, random browsing within interest-groups.

(49) Sync2It's BookmarkSync - Effortless social bookmarking, millions of hand-picked sites, real-time RSS feeds, public & private collections. Features automatic clustering technology.

(50) taghop - Taghop is a collaborative thoughtblog.

(51) Tagza.com - A very young Social Book marking web site mostly being

(52) Textnotes.de - Social notes manager. Easy integration of references to books, news and articles

(53) TheThingsIWant - Universal wishlist service with Social Bookmarking and RSS feeds

(54) URLex - Personal/Friends/Community bookmarking and rss feeds

(55) Wazima - Coupons clipped by robots. Wazima scours the web and shows you the deals you are most interested in

(56) Web Feeds - Web Feeds is a social bookmark site with a difference, users moderate and decide which items make it to the home page.

(57) Wists - Visual bookmarks, wishlists, photoblogs

(58) wURLdBook - Share webreferences and rss feeds with others and more

(59) Yoono - Social Bookmarking based on browser bookmarks (no tags needed), includes a search engine, an RSS Reader, web monitoring and sharing functions. Windows application and firefox extension

Enjoy bookmarking and blogging, Good Luck!

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