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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Creating XML Shopping Feed for an Ecommerce Product Site

Here are simple steps to make your eCommerce site Web Pages indeed by Google and other major search engines

Please note: Create your URL search engine friendly using product names, avoid stop characters

(1) Create RSS feed using http://www.toucanmultimedia.com/rssmaker.php

(2) Save the file as ecommerce_feed.xml (This will tell the search engine that the feed is all about ecommerce product page)

(3) Add the ecommerce_feed.xml to Google Webmaster sitemap https://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemap by logging using Google account, same with yahoo site explorer

(4) Configure the XML shopping feed.xml to feed burner http://www.feedburner.com and it will look like http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/SEOPodCast

(5) Integrate the XML shopping feed with an image or a plain text link from you site so that your visitors can subscribe and comeback when they need, by this you can expect more returning visitors, another advantage is entire product pages will be indexed by major and local search engines and even feed readers / finders.

This can also be followed for large website with lots of resources, thanks for your time, keep visiting

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Top 8 Bad Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Ideas to be Avoided

As we all know search engine algorithm takes more factors in consideration for ranking a web page

Now SEO changed a lot in recent years, techniques followed in 2004 stopped working, then what addressed in 2005 stopped working in 2006, now its 2007 - 2008. Dont worry, here is a set of bad SEO ideas common to all.

To be avoided, if your want to stand long in search engines

1. Stuffing keywords in invisible text using CSS / JS / Flash
2. Purchasing Links
3. Implementing duplicate content
4. 302, temporary redirection
5. Use Session IDs on your URLs, search engine will not understand
6. Implementing your site in Flash, Your content is not in readable format for search engines
7. Use lots of JavaScript
8. Cloaking / Doorway pages

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

10 most used Web Promotion Tools categorized according to SEO Methodologies

Started to understand how much web promotion is important for your blog / site? Frighten not, here is a list of 10 web promotion tools categorized according to the web promotion methodologies and Google guidelines, which helps you to promote your blog or website site in a professional manner, easily and effectively

(1) Competitor Analysis Tool

The tool shows the competitive domains for a your business keyword in Google, Yahoo, and MSN

(2) Age of top 100 Websites with Backlinks Tool

Enter in a keyword phrase and we'll check the age of the top 100 sites as well as their backlinks

(3) Keyword Selector Tool

Not sure what search terms to bid on? Enter a term related to your site and the tool will show you related searches with search counts per month

(4) Keyword Density Analysis Tool

Enter URL and the tool will check keyword density of all the phrases on the page

(6) Search engine Spider Viewer

Enter page URL and see your web pages as search engines view them

(7) Cool Cache Tool

Enter URL and the tool checks your page, and all links of that page to see when individual page was last cached. The tool will also show if of your web pages aren't cached

(8) Google & Yahoo Sitemap Tool

The tool will spider your site and creates a sitemap in XML format for search engines to locate your WebPages, mainly used for deep links

(9) Internal and External Link Title Tag Tool

Enter URL and the tool will check your title tags, and the title tags of whom that site links to. This helps to develop internal links and to share link popularity

(10) SERP Tool (Find your Keyword position)

Offers instant, online reports of web site keyword rankings in 9 top search engines and web directories, including Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN, AOL, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, Yahoo! Directory, Open Directory (Dmoz), and LookSmart - FREE!. Hope above SEO tools will be helpful which is been used widely by many SEO Professionals , Thanks for your time, Good Luck, Visit again!

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Importance of Top 59 Social Bookmarking Websites

If your a blogger or website owner do not miss to understand the importance of social bookmarking, its a free web promotion technique.Social bookmarking site are becoming popular and easy, it allows users to save bookmarks online and share with your
friends with respective tags and categories as keywords, instead of saving it in your browser bookmarks

Visit some of the sites provided below, create account, then bookmark interesting and useful links in the areas of your interest or expertise. By doing so you create a useful Feed and share your fav also don't forget to integrate social bookmarking websites with your blog or website as i did in my blog, it's been great success

Here is a list of Social Bookmarking websites, which will help your bog or website to be saved by your visitors

(1) Del.icio.us - Currently the most used software application.

(2) Digg - Digg is a technology news website that combines social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, and non-hierarchical editorial control.

(3) BlogMarks.net - Social Bookmarking with thumbnails. Atom enabled

(4) Blauer Bote Bookmarks - Bookmarak Manager in German and English

(5) LQ Bookmarks - Social Bookmarking, tagging and annotating all things Linux and Open Source.

(6) De.lirio.us - Social Bookmarking, Tagging, Blogging & Notes. Mmmmmm, Notes.

(7) Feedmarker - A free, Web based RSS/ATOM aggregator and bookmarks manager.

(8) Frassle - Frassle helps you read and publish weblogs, track bookmarks, and find relevant content organized your way.

(9) Linkroll - Linkroll is a free link blogging service.

(10) Loom - Collaborative bookmarking application written in PHP.

(11) MyProgs - Social bookmarking for programs you use.

(12) NEWNOOZE - Social Bookmarking on just about every subject. A Digg.com clone site. Beta Stage.

(13) openBM - It's just linking cool sites together. openBM is a little tool for everybody. openBM just keep's your bookmarks and provides them for other people on the web.

(14) Reader² - Share the list of books you read or recommend, find new books by tags/authors. Multilanguage.

(15) reddit - Social bookmarking where your votes affect your karma points.

(16) scuttle.org - Amongst others are based on the scuttle software.

(17) Scuttle - Another open source clone of del.icio.us.

(18) unalog - Open source bookmarking software written in the Python programming

(19) aworldofhelp - Users submit and rate links in numerous categories. The highest ratebeanrocket

(20) Beanrocket.com is a community and a news reader

(21) BlinkList - Social bookmarking with slick interface and new ways for organizing tags.

(22) CiteULike - Social bookmarking for academic papers.

(23) Commontimes - Provides community-based media distribution services and solutions along with BitTorrent hosting and consulting for individuals and organizations of all sizes.

(24) Connectedy - This service allows the establishment of pseudonymous online link libraries. Users may impose arbitrary

categorical hierarchies on their links and choose which categories and links to make public and which ones to keep private. The Connectedy site has par SEO properties.

(25) Connotea - Social bookmarking for scientists.

(26) dinnerbuzz - Dinnerbuzz is a social guide to restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. It's designed to make it easier for you to find a place for dinner or drinks anywhere in the world

(27) Wiklink - Tools to synchronize bookmarks with your browser

(28) FeedMeLinks - Social Bookmarking since 2002

(29) FlipSkipper - Social bookmarking manager that allows users to pull concurrent searches from Yahoo!, Google News, and del.icio.us when surfing.

(30) Furl - Similar to del.icio.us: stores copies of the pages saved, automates finding users with similar interests,

archives can be exported in MPLA or APA citation format.

(31) GiveALink - Donate your bookmarks for academic research.

(32) IndiaGram - Allows social bookmarking. Aim is to develop a community that shares information about websites on diverse topics

(33) jots - Jots is a collaborative bookmarking system that allows you to Store, Share and Discover relevant links.

(34) leze.de - German Internet Bookmarking Service

(35) LibraryThing - Deli.cio.us for books. Cataloging based on some 30+ libraries using the Z39.50 protocol.

(36) inkblog - Portuguese

(37) linkfilter - linkfilter.net is just what the name implies, a link filter. All links are posted and moderated by users.

Links can be ranked on several levels: clicks, votes, age, or a combination of all three called points.

(38) Lookmarks (beta) - Search and share your bookmarks

(39) memestreams - Don't hate the media, become the media!

(40) Netvouz - Social bookmarking using either categories or tags. Share your bookmarks online or keep them private. RSS feeds for all bookmarks.

(41) Network Menus - Social Bookmarking (or /wiki/Collaborative_Bookmarking title=Collaborative Bookmarking Collaborative Bookmarking) within a web browser toolbar

(42) O Y A X - A fast and quick social categorized bookmarking service with groups.

(43) RawSugar - Socially enhanced web search based on hierarchal tagging of bookmarks and favorites. Include s multi-word categories, echanism to define and rename categories, and hierarchy

(44) Shadows - Social bookmarking with tags, comments and ratings. Shadows' toolbar puts users one click away from a discussion forum for any page on the web.

(45) Simpy - Social bookmarking with tagging and full-text searching.

(46) sitetagger - SiteTagger.com is a bookmark/favorite organizer.

(47) Spurl - Similar to del.icio.us: stores copies of the pages saved.

(48) StumbleUpon - Bookmarking, social networking, friends-network, random browsing within interest-groups.

(49) Sync2It's BookmarkSync - Effortless social bookmarking, millions of hand-picked sites, real-time RSS feeds, public & private collections. Features automatic clustering technology.

(50) taghop - Taghop is a collaborative thoughtblog.

(51) Tagza.com - A very young Social Book marking web site mostly being

(52) Textnotes.de - Social notes manager. Easy integration of references to books, news and articles

(53) TheThingsIWant - Universal wishlist service with Social Bookmarking and RSS feeds

(54) URLex - Personal/Friends/Community bookmarking and rss feeds

(55) Wazima - Coupons clipped by robots. Wazima scours the web and shows you the deals you are most interested in

(56) Web Feeds - Web Feeds is a social bookmark site with a difference, users moderate and decide which items make it to the home page.

(57) Wists - Visual bookmarks, wishlists, photoblogs

(58) wURLdBook - Share webreferences and rss feeds with others and more

(59) Yoono - Social Bookmarking based on browser bookmarks (no tags needed), includes a search engine, an RSS Reader, web monitoring and sharing functions. Windows application and firefox extension

Enjoy bookmarking and blogging, Good Luck!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do you want to receive email when GOOGLE SPIDERS and YAHOO BOT visits your BLOG Or WEBSITE?

Use the below code code to receive email when Google spiders / Yahoo Bot your blog or website pages

$email = "you@example.com";



mail($email, "The Googlebot came to call",

"Google has visited: ".$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);



$email = "you@example.com";

if(eregi("yahoo! Slurp",$_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']))


mail($email, "The Yahoo bot came to call",

"Yahoo has visited: ".$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);



See When A Page Is Spidered

$the_date = "Today is ".date ("l, F d Y");
$the_time = "The time is ".date ("H:i \(O")." GMT)";
$all_date = $the_date.'
echo $all_date;

This is a typical output from the code:

Today is Wednesday, February 12 2007
The time is 12:15 (-0500 GMT)

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Your blog not bringing the kind of visitors you want?

Give good time for your valuable blog readers by writing quality interesting original content, if you have more to write, its not necessary to write only technical content, you can very well write you experience in the related field and share your good and bad experience on the fields you like and involved.

(1) For the start, choose catchy titles and interesting titles, which is valuable and should be unique

(2) Don’t urge by adding blogs by count, write few good blogs and gradually increase the count, you obviously will increase your blog posts when you see comments from your lovable visitors in future :)

(3) Select or think topic on problems vs. solutions, and write your experiences and thoughts and ask for comments and add their valuable ideas towards your blog, this will create pillars for your blog

(4) Don’t use too much of images like banners in blog, since blog is only meant for content and make your visitors to read your valuable write-ups, of course you can add your photo :)

(5) Take your blog readers to a casual mood when reading your contents and make them interested to visit you again and again, help them by adding a feed reader or bookmark so that they can easily add, don’t make your visitor strain :)

(6) Focus on navigation links so that your visitors can easily access your blog and can move from one post to another post

Is it possible to follow above points? I try to keep these points in my mind but some times i miss :), bust follow these things and be a successful blogger, Good Luck

Oops!!! Did I forget something that you know to make a blog much more good? Sure there are lots more; drop them to comments, Enjoy blogging, All The Best!

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Do you or your website promotional company follow this SEO process?

Steps to be followed while optimizing a website for global reach and to increase targeted traffic, staying ahead of competitor and to increase your sales conversion.

1. Existing website structure analysis
2. Competitor analysis
3. Keyword analysis and research
4. Prepare Search engine marketing report / Bench mark report
5. Right Keywords identification according to targeted audience related to website local or global
6. More direct and keyword rich folder and file naming approach
7. Adding optimized keywords to Meta tags
8. Measuring keyword density on each page
9. Adding breadcrumb trails to each page for internal links
10. Adding robots to website, tell the search engines to index your site and which pages they should index
11. Validating HTML http://validator.w3.org
12. Improving Web page presentation, using External CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript ( Note: Dont use Java Script for displaying Content and Navigation Links)
13. Reducing Table structure
14. Improving the HTML structure of pages by using heading tags, alt tags, div tags, etc.,
15. Improving home page
16. Improving content of existing web pages by adding optimized keywords
17. Adding appropriate links to the existing and new pages
18. Improving existing link titles
19. Adding links to the identified Search engines, Business directories and websites
20. Continuous link building to achieve page rank
21 Configuring website to Google webmaster and yahoo site explorer
22. Configuring log and stat to website
23. Monitoring inbound links
24. Monitoring referrals by search engines
25. Monitoring search results for optimized pages.
26. Ongoing SEO Campaign report on Website progress

Hope the process flow is clear and it gives you better idea on search engine optimization that will be carried out only by real SEO Experts and Search Engine Analysts

Apart from the above point we have server side search engine optimization a vast area and very important techniques, which will be mentioned in future posts, please note to understand that you should have some programming knowledge or a coder help, Visit again, All the best!!

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Search Engine Preferences For Top Level Domain Extensions

Whats yours .com, .biz or .net?

The domain name extension or TLD (Top Level Domain) plays an important role for search engine optimization, too..com domain names will always be the best choice to go with. This does not mean that your website will not be successful if you decide to go with a different Top Level Domain like .uk or .in

Following are search engine top level domains in order, pick up domain related to your business


Pick up matching business domain name with keywords and perfect domain name has 14 characters or less.If need more than 14 characters, 22 characters should be your upper limit.It should also be easy to remember. Do not go with long domain names to avoid problems.Good Luck!

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Promote Your Blog Easy

Simple steps for making your blog visited by people whom you want

Most of the people asks this question "How to Promote Your Blog" in forums, community etc, its simple here, try out this and visit again with feedback

Here the start, be clear with your plan why you have a blog and how to make people interested, some questions below for a start

1. What will your visitor want to get out of your blog?

2. How often can you post a blog?

3. What will you name your blog?

4. How your blog design look like?

Then again, content is a challenger for blogs, the content which gives people what they want, wins the game, it can be on any topic and should be clear and wider, if possible with graphics, You do this, people will definitely visit you again and again for getting information’s, for this we should do some basic ground work as follows to make people to know about your blog

(1) Blog Submissions / RSS Submissions

(2) Write a press release announcing your blog to the world and post to online Resources

(3) Find groups in online and post your Announcement

(4) Post about your blog to Forums

(5) Add to Auto Detect Blog Feeds

(6) Add your blog to Social Bookmarking Sites with interesting titles and make them bookmark

Give people what they want and see the change obviously it will take time, keep watching and do post quality over quantity, then you can expect quantity over your quality posts, thanks for your valuable time for reading the post, do comment and visit again, all the best.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

Local Search Engine Optimization for Local Business Owners

Local business owners should know the value for local search engines Optimization, also known as regional search engines optimization

Now a days search in local works better when we compare with the global for support service provider and product retailer, but the search volume will be less with less bounce rate but more target visits which you can convert with a complete user-friendly design with valuable information for the visitor

Another benefit of Local Search Engine Optimization sites can come up in mobile search too

So factors to be considered to rank better in Local Search Engine Optimization

(1) Local full address

(2) Regional Phone number should be very clear with area code etc

(3) Mapping service to display your location, recommended Google Maps

(4) Include driving directions to your location

(5) Your site should be listed in all your regional directories & Yellow, White pages

(6) All these should be presented well with a search engine friendly web design

Hope you got basic idea how to tap local business in search engines, All the best

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Competitor analysis a big pillar of SEO/SEM

The key points to be know when analyzing your competitor.

Analyse and understand your competitor’s plan of action, their focused keywords and their success rate for those business keywords.

You can find many free online competitive analysis tools and find out the competitor for your specific keyword like its search count, ratios and competitive results, better you can go for Google suggest for finding results

You can find some of the ideas on tools to be used for complete comparison of competitive analysis

(1) Page rank check and their rank distribution through the text navigation link (Note avoid java script for links)

(2) Find out anchor text of inbound links

(3) Back Link Checker, Yahoo Site Explorer for checking link popularity and find out inbound links

(4) Use Alexa to check traffic referrals from other sites

(5) Use keyword ranking tool to track positions of your competitor in search engine by SERP tools

Thanks for your valuable time, do read other articles, learn more, know more...

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Why Business Keywords Matter

Here is the graphical representation why targeted Business Keywords matter

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Yesteday SEO Expert is not Today SEO Expert

Yes, day-to-day we see frequent changes in search engine listings for business keywords and website popularity. An SEO expert should be updated with his SEO knowledge in his day-to-day life.

A good SEO expert predicts where the search engines are leading and moves business a website towards that direction.

Here some tips,

(1) Register in popular forum like SearchEngineWatch, SEOChat, like and keep watching the post and try to reply
(2) Analyse and understand the SEO Tools and its
(3) Subscribe for newsletters with TOP SEO's
(4) Make use of SEO pod cast
(5) Don’t miss any conference, seminar or workshop and more

Pass on your comments so that I can increase the expert tips area that will help all SEO's

Thanks for your time and support, leave a reply!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

SEO Training Manual, I like to create


1. Redirection methods and theory - 301, 302, and 200 response codes
2. Basic understanding of DNS and website hosting issues and jargon.
3. Enough javascript and PHP to tweak existing code and to understand how the script is supposed to work.
4. Header and meta information standards - metatags, http-equiv, title, etc5. How server side includes work and how to troubleshoot them. Robots control methods (meta, robots.txt)

Web Design

1. Basic knowledge of HTML , XHTML and CSS
2. Knowledge of W3C compliance testing, and when you can make intelligent exceptions.
3. Knowledge of 501 Usability standards, especially related to alt attributes
4. Common standards and expectations for interface design


1. How to make a business plan
2. How to create interesting content that converts
3. How to fit keywords into content naturally and easily
4. How to measure ROI, conversions and other web metrics
5. How to implement, understand and react to website analytics reporting
6. Understand international and language issues in marketing and search

Information Retrieval Science

1. How a search engine spider operates, as well as it's limitations and abilities
2. How information is stored - compression, tokenization, indexing, etc
3. Advanced query building and special searches and commands
4. Read every Google patent, as well as search related patents by Yahoo, MS, IBM, etc
5. Understand concepts such as term vector theory, semantic co-location, etc
6. Understand and know the guidelines and issues search engines have. This is more art than science, since they are intentionally vague.
7. Understand the key elements that search engines look at while analyzing a page and why they look at them.


1. Know how to analyze a site for key factors - links, anchor text, content, etc.
2. Know how to tweak a site to effectively present itself as a good candidate for ranking on a specific term.
3. Know the basics of link building - neighborhoods, anchor text, etc
4. Know the basics of organizing links and content to be helpful to both people and search engines.
5. Know how to make the content in non-spider-able media like images, sounds, flash, AJAX and so forth available, or to be able to compensate for it.
6. Know how to tweak content and structure (headers, etc) to best present a site to a search engine and a visitor.
7. Be aware of all the major search engines, their demographics and idiosyncrasies. Also be aware of what they have to offer outside of search, and what the connections between the two are.


1. Know how to set up basic AdWords, Yahoo, and MSN search accounts
2. Know how to create and test ad copy and landing pages
3. Know how to analyze the reports and to optimize the results.
4. Know the basics of advertising purchases, including links, banners and other advertising channels
5. Know how to optimize for local search for the major engines

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